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Zhongmei magnetoelectric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of magnetic materials (with an annual output of 150 tons of Nd-Fe-B, it can stably produce various brands and specifications of magnetic materials such as ferrite, Nd-Fe-B, SM Co, rare earth permanent magnet, magnetic ring, magnetic rod, magnetic steel, strong magnetic, high temperature resistant magnetic steel, magnet, Ningbo magnetic steel, high-strength magnetic, etc. £©The company adopts domestic advanced and mature production equipment and low oxygen technology, equipped with average particle size analyzer, infrared oxygen meter, automatic magnetization characteristic tester, spectrum analyzer, metallographic analyzer and other detection instruments. Pay attention to staff training, establish ISO9000 quality assurance system, strengthen process control, ensure excellent and consistent product performance, and meet the needs of customers.

The company is looking for many famous domestic experts as consultants, constantly introducing all kinds of professional talents, and relying on the technical development and sales of Shanghai Zhongmei Materials Co., Ltd., with strong technical force, complete marketing network, standardized internal management and strong development potential.

The company follows the enterprise spirit of "change every day, never meet, dare to compete and pursue excellence", adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, science and technology leading", gathers first-class talents, produces first-class products, creates first-class enterprises, sincerely cooperates with new and old customers and creates brilliance with high-quality products, preferential prices and excellent services.


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