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The company has a perfect quality management system, obtained ISO9001 certification system certificate, advanced production technology, excellent technical personnel, and standardized management experience. Based on the principles of supplying military grade product quality, exporting high standard requirements, people-oriented, honest, quality-oriented, and serving the society, the company integrates production, sales, installation and service as one In the face of the new economic era, the company continues to innovate and meet the market challenges with strong production technology and excellent service.

With the business philosophy of "integrity, refinement, pragmatism and innovation", we have worked together with new and old partners to create a market. Our products, with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai as the radiation point, have been exported to South Korea, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Australia and France, etc. domestic sales are all over the country, as well as many domestic academic research institutions and Many famous military units, petrochemical industry, marine engineering, power station facilities, chemical plating, ship machinery, new environmental protection, medical equipment, ultrasonic instruments, electronic equipment and other enterprises have established long-term cooperative relations.

Shanghai Zhongmei will surely become the pioneer of the industry. Our high-quality products and perfect services are your best dependence and choice.

We will continue to adhere to the tenet of "quality first, user first, reputation first", and meet the needs of users with the most preferential price, the best quality products and the most perfect services. Relying on innovation and excellent quality, we can produce first-class products, create first-class benefits, and create a bright future with you! We can provide professional and personalized whole process application solutions according to the actual needs of each distinguished customer, and help our customers enjoy high standard professional services at a lower cost.

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