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Strong magnetic paraffin preventer

Rare earth strong magnetic paraffin preventer is a new type of high-tech magnetic application product developed by our company. It synthesizes the advanced schemes of paraffin control technology in domestic and foreign pumping wells, optimizes the magnetic circuit structure, achieves the complete and effective magnetization of the internal rotating magnetic field, increases the active power of the medium, and can achieve the purpose of high efficiency paraffin removal as well as the paraffin control effect. It has the function of preventing wax crystal from growing, breaking and dispersing the large wax crystal formed, and it can also crush the scale in the oil, so it has the function of clearing and preventing wax, and also has the function of preventing scale; it can effectively reduce the wax precipitation point of the crude oil, reduce the viscosity of the crude oil, and extend the period of pump inspection, which is the first necessary device for oil wells at present.

As a professional product of our company, rare earth strong magnetic paraffin preventer is mainly used for paraffin prevention and viscosity reduction of high wax wells. Its working effective magnetic field is 3000-5000gs, which is much larger than the traditional product. It can also be used for viscosity reduction of ordinary heavy oil wells to increase the fluidity of crude oil and achieve the purpose of increasing production.

1 Three core functions

The inhibition rate of wax crystal is 53.88%

The viscosity reducing rate of the original viscosity reducing agent was 47.3-52.2%

The scale particles in descaling crude oil decreased from 3.39 to 0.14

2 Four practical values

More than 90% reduction of energy-saving water and electricity consumption

More than 90% reduction of environmental sewage discharge

Save comprehensive production cost by more than 60%

The minimum increase of single well production for efficiency increase is more than 20%

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