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Magnetic bar

The magnetic rod is made of permanent magnetic material through special magnetic circuit design. Its function is to absorb magnetic conducting material, achieve the ideal effect of purification, and ensure the safety of equipment and products. It is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, food, ceramics, textile, medical and other industries. The outer diameter of the magnetic rod normally ranges from 12mm to 50mm, and the surface magnetic field can reach 12000gs. The high-strength magnetic rod with different specifications, sizes and strengths can be customized according to the customer's requirements. (square tube high-strength magnetic rod can also be customized) the magnetic filter is composed of several high-strength magnetic rods which are combined on a fixed stainless steel frame. When the magnetic conducting material passes through, it receives the strong magnetic attraction, firmly adsorbs the magnetic conducting material on the tube wall of the magnetic rod, so as to ensure the completion of the equipment and the safety of the product. Magnetic filter size, frame shape can be customized according to customer requirements, and can provide technical support for customers.

Strong corrosion-resistant magnetic rod: this kind of magnetic rod is just developed by our company, which is specially used in the working environment with high corrosion-resistant requirements. The magnetic rod is made of titanium alloy, a rare precious metal material, as an outsourcing, and the inside is made of high-strength magnet through special combination. So it can deal with any bad anti-corrosion environment. Customers with high requirements for corrosion resistance can choose at ease.

The company can customize the high temperature resistant magnetic rod for customers, the temperature is divided into 100C 120c 150C 180C 350C . Users can choose suitable high temperature resistant magnetic rod according to their actual situation.

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